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It’s been a big week for Maximus, first appearing in this weeks New Idea Magazine, then was on Channel Seven news, and in the Herald Sun Newspaper paper,   A huge thanks to everyone involved and a special thanks to the Shane Warne Foundation and Tom Manwaring who are sponsoring our trip to the Undiagnosed Disease Program.  And huge thanks to all our wonderful supporters.











Seven News Story on Yahoo.com















I shall be doing a blog for the duration of the trip and here is the link below..



Big Day for Maximus!


18th May, 2013 – Still no closer to a diagnosis for Maximus but a huge day for us in spreading the word.  First we woke up to our baby boy on the front cover of the Herald Sun newspaper!21219_10151704916436004_957573188_n

And the article:

964471_10151704919911004_1142112814_oLater that day; a story on the news:

Seven News Melbourne – 18th May 2013

Thank you so much to all of the people who have written, shared, responded, assisted and cared for our Maxi.  There has been a fantastic response and we are sifting through all the replies and suggestions, shall keep you posted.  Best wishes, Yael