19th December, 2013 – article by Alex Barham

Yahoo online story on Maximus

30th November, 2013  2 Articles by Lucie Van Den Berg & Peter Wilmoth Herald Sun:

Link to Weekend lift-out article:  What I’ve Learnt

Link to HS article: Maxi’s Special Mates:

18th May 2013 – Channel 7 News

Seven News Story

18th May 2013 – Article: by Lucie Van Den Berg

Herald Sun Story

25 Apr 2013 – Blog Article: by Josie Gagliano Galea

Josie’s Juce Blog – article about Maxi

21 Apr 2013 – Article: by GGP & Yael Cohn

Global Genes Project article 21 April 2013

9 Apr 2013 – Radio: MyMP with Glenn Ridge:

Media requests or further information



Our biggest gratitude to those media entities that have shared our story.


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