Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read Maxi’s story – as told by his mother.

Maximus and his family would like to thank the doctors, staff & volunteers at the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne).  And the organisations that have assisted us along the way (listed below).  We also thank our numerous family and friends for their love, care and concern during our ongoing journey.  They say it takes a village to bring up a child, we say let’s take on the world to cure ours

Special thanks to the following organisations who have embraced our cause and assisted us;


  • The Wilhelm Foundation (Sweden)
  • Syndromes Without A Name (Australia)
  • The Shane Warne Foundation (TSWF)
  • The Melbourne Jewish Charitable Fund (MJCF)
  • Jewish Care
  • Challenge Family
  • YMCA
  • The Donvale Lions Club
  • The Warrandyte Lions Club
  • TLC for Kids
  • The SMILE Foundation
  • Rare Voices Australia
  • Uniting Church
  • Doncare

Also very special thanks to Rabbi Daniel Rabin and Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin at North Eastern Jewish Centre for their prayers and continued hope.

Caitlin, Maxi’s swimming teacher is an absolute angel, we thank you so much! Aquarina, Pines Learning and BYTC Donvale for Kinder Gym.

The support for Maximus just keeps growing stronger each day making our lives less stressful and easier to manage and focus on what’s important.   Every little effort counts.

Love and peace and good health to all.


5 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Dear Maximus,

    I hope that through social media and this website brings you one step closer to finding out whats wrong.

    Dad, Mum, Emily and I are always thinking of you. We love you and hope that life will soon change around for the better.

    Stay brave Maxi.


    Stephanie and the fam. xxxxx

  2. I wish I had the answers for you. As a mother of two children under 4 I can all but imagine what you are going through. I will bring up your story to everyone I come across in my work within the health sector. I think you are doing a brave and fantastic thing going public like this. God willing you get some answers soon. Good Luck.

  3. Yael, it was so delightful to meet you today at the RCH and to share our stories over morning tea. Maxi has THE best possible advocate in the world, you! Best wishes for your continues search for help for Maxi. I will be sharing your website with all my online disability groups in the hope that someone, somewhere in the world, will have some insight for you. You are a beautiful soul and I’m so glad we could share our blessings with one another.

    1. Thanks Karen, It was so nice to meet you as well. Thanks also for sharing Maxi’s story. And thanks for sharing your story with me. You are an amazing mother. Best wishes, Yael xx

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