Zebra Child – short film about Maxi

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Last year, a lovely young film student named Siobhan Singleton, chose a topic that she was passionate about which was raising awareness of the plight of families facing issues surrounding undiagnosed diseases, she made her film about Maxi. So proud of all involved and appreciate all the support and time and effort everyone put in to help complete this.

Zebra Child


2 thoughts on “Zebra Child – short film about Maxi

  1. A Video of Beautiful loving people all fighting for one special child you are an inspiration to all
    and Maxi your smile brightens everyday xx

  2. Dear family of Maxi….AND Maxi, I was thinking of you yesterday and had planned to write an email to see how you’re going. Was so pleased to see your Zebra video but a bit disappointed to find that there is still no diagnoses. Yael, you have two beautiful boys and you need to be so proud of your accomplishments with Maxi. All my love, Amanda xxx

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