The Most Beautiful Secret

Genetics, Mystery Illness, Neurological, Pediatric medicine, Rare Disease, Royal Children's Hospital, Undiagnosed children

Beautiful Secret


4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Secret

  1. Beautifully written Yael and oh so true and applies to Children and Adults with hidden illnesses and disabilities as well society prides itself on not being racist but still is biased against others that they perceive don’t fit the normal based on appearance or behaviour all these people are loved and cared for by someone and those someones need others to love and care for them – hopefully there will be a day that others truly do see the Beauty and the power of unconditional love .

  2. Yes Yael, and unconditional love extends to all boundaries I know,having seen and read all about Maxi that I and even my family members ‘love’ him. Each night, as I think of my children and grand-children, I think of him and they are all the same…souls…living a human experience….and we are all connected. Continual love and blessings to you and your beautiful family.

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