Genetics Services Network Victoria share Maxi’s story

Genetics, Pediatric medicine, Undiagnosed

Thank you Syndromes Without A Name Australia for inviting me to do a talk on Maximus @ Royal Children’s Hospital –  Genetics Seminar, and big thanks to GSNV for publishing the talk on their site.

Genetic Services Network Victoria – Talk

One thought on “Genetics Services Network Victoria share Maxi’s story

  1. Dear Yael and family every person who is a parent that has had an ill child to a rare condition hopes that someone somewhere will have the answers for you and your Maxi we all want to help but do not know how we can all raise money and we can all pray but that somehow does not seem enough when an answer and a cure is what you need so everyone will hope with you and support you Maxi and your family in whatever way we can and please know that support is there for you all and other parents that follow it might not make the path easier but its there whenever you need it.

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